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STX Super Power Plus

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The STX Super Power + U is one of the most prestigious lacrosse heads on the market. For years the Super Power has been one of the most dominant lacrosse heads in the game and STX just made it better. Immediately you will notice that the Super Power + is much lighter than its predecessor weighing in at an amazing 4.5oz.

In relation to the previous Super Power, STX enhanced the flexibility and durability in the Super Power + by being the first head engineered with both ACP (All Climate Performance) and C-Channel Technology that will reinforce the bottom rail of the head.Not only is this head the lightest STX head going into the 2015 summer season, but it is one of the most flexible and durable heads ever made by STX. With its Island ball stop and maximized STX FORWARD CANT the Super Power + will be able to maintain its shape in all weather conditions and be able to maintain accuracy and ball retention.